Jewellery maintenance in Cornwall

All jewellery needs a bit of TLC from time to time due to general wear and tear and exposure to such things as perfume, chlorine, body oils etc. Usually, a quick once over with a silver cloth is all that’s needed.   We can, however, for a small fee of £10, re-polish your piece and bring it back to its former glory. This does not include re-engraving, for which there will be an extra charge, if needed.

If you require this service, please click here to contact us.

Silver Jewellery

Silver is quite hard wearing but will not stand up to being bent. You should always ensure that you don’t wear your jewellery when doing such things as gardening, building etc.

Enamel Jewellery

Because enamel is actually powdered glass which has been melted onto the silver in a kiln, it does, of course, need extra care when wearing. It will not stand up to being knocked or bent in any way. As long as you look after it, it will be hard wearing and look great for a very long time.

Aluminium Jewellery

Aluminium is a fairly soft metal but once it has been anodised, it will be fairly hard wearing and colour fast. It will, of course, not withstand constant bending, which should be avoided with all jewellery.

Silver turning black

Occasionally, we come across people whose skin is more acidic than usual, which results in the silver turning black almost immediately. This often applies to younger people who perspire more easily and who are often more likely to be taking part in activities such as swimming. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do in such cases, other than to advise you not to wear your jewellery all the time and particularly not in a swimming pool or when taking part in strenuous activities.