Recycle your own silver to make a ring, earrings or necklace on a Thursday afternoon between 4.00 and 6.00 in Cornwall


A great thing to do whilst on holiday in Cornwall and a lasting momento of your stay.  Please contact me first to arrange a date.

We will be making a ring by recycling your own silver, or you can recycle some of mine for a small extra charge. We will need between 5 and 10grams of silver for a ring.

You will decide the sort of ring you would like to make. We will melt your silver with a jewellers torch and turn it into an ingot which we will then roll into a usable strip of silver. We will then either texture your metal or leave it smooth before cutting it with a jewellers saw. The next stage is to bend your silver into shape and then solder the join. The last stage is to file and buff the ring and finally polish.

This experience is perfect if you love the idea of recycling your unwanted silver jewellery by melting it into something beautiful that you will love and treasure. I can also provide gift vouchers if you would like to purchase this as a gift so that you can both come and have some creative fun.  Maybe an idea for spending some time with your mum or sister.
Please arrive wearing closed toe shoes (no sandals), and with long hair tied back. This is for your own safety as we will be using molten metal.
Bring along A piece of your own silver jewellery weighing at least 5 grams for recycling. If you don’t have anything you would like to recycle, you can recycle some of my silver for a small charge of approximately £10
You will be coming to my spacious home studio which is in my garden. My studio is an Aladdin’s cave full of every sort of gadget and jewellery tool you can imagine and you will get a full on jewellery making experience.
If less than 2 people are booked onto an experience, I reserve the right to cancel the workshop with a full refund.